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Welcome to Spring Lake Elementary Website

Welcome to Spring Lake Elementary Website iconWelcome to Spring Lake Elementary Websitetitle

Hello and welcome to our new website!
We are happy you stopped by to visit our webpage today.  My name is Robyn Miller, and I am the principal for the new school - Spring Lake Elementary School.  This is our first time having a webpage on the district website, so we are excited to get it launched!
Spring Lake Elementary is the newest school to be built in Woodland Joint Unified School District.  We open for our students this August 2018 and will have Transitional-Kindergarten through Third grades our first year. The campus is located on the corners of Banks and Miekle Avenues in Woodland's Spring Lake neighborhood.  Currently we are undergoing the final part of the construction process with completion in the next few months.  
We will be posting updates along the way to our opening, and even more regularly after we are open in the fall. 
If you have any questions, please e-mail me at: 
Robyn Miller
Principal, Spring Lake Elementary School
Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning iconProject-Based Learningtitle

Projects are meaningful for students if they perceive their activities are personally meaningful, that the task matters and will make a difference in their school, community,  Project-based learning (PBL) has been in education for many years and is successful when implemented consistently and with essential components that include:  1) Purpose that Engages Student Interest 2) Driving Questions 3) Student Voice and Choice 4) 21st Century Learning Skills 5) Sustained Inquiry with Real World Applications 6) Feedback & Revision 7) Public Presentation.  
Parents can find out more about PBL in this article.
21st Century Skills

21st Century Skills  icon21st Century Skills title

21st Century skills are important to learn as the students go through school.   Examples of these are:  Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communicatoin and Callaboration - sometimes called the 4 C'sThese skills prepare them for the future, including college and career.  As a parent, you may be interested in how you can learn more about 21st Century Skills and what you can do to help build these skills in your children. This article can help families learn more. 

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Academic Focus: STEAM

Academic Focus:  STEAM iconAcademic Focus: STEAMtitle

Our academic focus will be STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) and project-based learning in the new school.  The idea of adding Art to STEM has been gaining momentum for the past several years to meet the needs of the 21st century, with the inclusion of important processes such as creativity and innovation.  STEAM takes STEM to the next level of creation and application.  Students make an intentional connection with content that include design thinking, art practices, and visual representations.  



View of teaching area in student center
Partial view of student center
Top down view of student center
Corner view of student center
Model of Student Center

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